Frequently Asked Questions

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Vinyum is a platform for research, promotion and dissemination of wines. Through the platform users can search events, wines and sell points where these can be consumed. When purchasing or consuming a wine, whether in a shop, restaurant, bar, online store, etc ... registered users enjoy the discounts presented on the platform, provided that they are purchased in establishments.

What is a sell Point ?

A sell point is any and all adherent establishment that sells wines to the final consumer. Be it hotel, restaurant, bar, supermarket, etc ...

How do I view a producer's data?

Opening the page of a wine, in its description we have a "producer" field by clicking on its name the producer page is displayed.

What do I have to do to enjoy the discounts?

To enjoy the discounts, simply identify yourself, before the sell point, as user vinyum. You will receive a notification on your smartphone or PC asking you to confirm your purchase. After your confirmation, pay your wine(s) already with the discount made.

Can the discounts change from the time we do the research to the moment we buy the wine?

Yes, as the value of the discounts is defined by the producer, it may happen that in the time interval between the time we choose the wine and the wine, the producer has changed the campaign to a higher or lower discount value.

How do I receive my discount?

The discount is made by the sell point the time of purchase, simply confirming your purchase on the App or website. The discount is made directly on the cost of the wine.

What is the difference between user and member?

All registered users are users and therefore can enjoy all the benefits and benefits of the Vinyum platform. A member is a company in the wine supply chain adhering to the Vinyum platform, be it producer, importer, distributor, sell point , etc ... Members with membership permission have access to a backoffice of the companies on which they interact .

How can I be a user?

To become Vinyum user, you just have to register on the website or App and start enjoying the advantages of Vinyum.

How much does it cost to become a user?

Vinyum does not charge anything to its users. All services, including wine discounts, provided to users of the platform are available free of charge.

How do I become a member?

In order to be a member, it must be an intervening company in the wine marketing chain. Vinyum's concept is to have agreements with producers to provide discounts and other benefits to final consumers. To do this, we replicate in our software the wine supply chains that are a physical reality. In agreement with a producer, he invites his clients through the backoffice vinyum, who in turn will do the same to their customers. Regardless of the number of actors in the chain, Vinyum will automatically detect when a sell point is reached and close the chain, in this situation we have a network created, starting at a producer and ending at a sell point. This network is perfectly identified and referenced, which allows us to identify its stakeholders in order to provide the compensation for the discounts made by the sell point to the final consumer. As such, there are only two ways to become a member. 1 - Being invited by a supplier. 2 - contact the Vinyum team through the contact form that we make available in the "Contacts" menu of the website.

My account

To access your account, simply log in to the website or the App. On the website we have the following menus: Purchases, favorites, events, companies, notifications and profile.


Purchases - In this menu we have all the history of our purchases. This is where we can confirm purchases and make comments.


Favorites - this is where you can manage your favorites. Whether they are, sell points, winemakers, wines or events. To add any of them to the favorites you should go to your specific page and select the star symbol that appears next to the name.


Events - On this page we have all the event invitations that were directed to you. Whether they are an individual user, whether as a user interacting with one or more companies. Here you can accept or decline invitations as well as check events.


Companies - This tab only exists for users who have permission from users who interact with businesses. On this page you can access the backoffice of the companies you interact with. It is also where you can manage invitations to interact with companies.


Notifications - On this page you have access to the full notification history you received.


Profile - In this menu you can manage all your personal information. is where you can change your password.

What are cross-reviews?

On the Vinyum platform, whenever you comment on a wine, this comment also appears on the page of the sell point where it was purchased or consumed. Likewise, when commenting a sell point , this comment is also displayed on the page of wine purchased or consumed.

Is it possible to comment on a wine without buying it or consuming it, or commenting on a sell point without having bought or consumed a wine?

No, for Vinyum the credibility of the information provided to its users is considered extremely important, as such it is only allowed to comment on a sell point or a wine, if the user was actually at that point of sale and bought or acquired that wine.

Can an unregistered user make comments?

No, In order to maintain the credibility of the information, the user must be registered and access your account to make a comment.