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D'origem is a manufacturer and bottler company of DDOC Douro wines, born in 2001.

D'origem bets on the quality of its wines, coming from its properties located in Casal de Loivos, 6 Km away from Pinhão, in the Douro Region.

The tradted brands: Herança (Inheritance) and Velha Geração (Old generation) are a tribute to the generations of his family who, over many years, produced the best wines of the region. Currently, the company is led by the fourth generation of the family. 

In addition to the wines, the D'origem produces and trades: Grape juice and grape juice/apple, a great alternative for those who cannot or does not consume alcoholic beverages; Olive oil with low acidity, from olive trees of the farm: Natural honey produced by bees from the autochthonous flora: rock-rose. lime tree/linden, heather and rosemary.

If you go to Casal de Loivos, you may also visit the Museum of olive oil, ownedby D'origem, a space where olive oil was produced by the traditional method until 2001.

If you wish, you can make tastings of olive oil and other producys of this Douro company.

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