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Located in the heart of Douro - Portugal - UNESCO World Heritage, Quinta Senhora da Graça is a small property and vineyard with 3 hectares. Turned SW, and with a charming view to the river, our vines produce grapes from Portuguese varieties, wich are used to produce our wines "Pedro Milanos".


The reason for a name ...
Why Pedro Milanos?
PEDRO MILANOS is the anagram of ARMINDO LOPES, the author of the poem that is on the counter label. (Both names have the same letters, but in different order)
Behind a name is always a story and this is that of a man who has always lived in love with his region. At the end of the fifties, a program on the 7 wonders of the world was being broadcast on TV. At about 8, 10 years the greatness of such works made me delighted, particularly the Pyramids of Egypt and I asked my father:
 Which of the seven wonders is Portugal?
For we are a very poor Country!
You think !? Come with me.
We went up to the viewpoint of the house, opened the window and said.
What time boy?
I see mountains.
And on the hills what is there?
And the vines are made of what?
Vines and leaves.
And these vines are where?
In the land.
And how earth is safe?
Well!? ... I do not know how.
Through the stone walls my son. Can you count all you see?
 No, they are so many.
Now imagine, how many there will be by the Douro outside ... All together, they are a much larger work than the Pyramids of Egypt. Pass is unnoticed.
And they were passing, until one day in 2001, ten years after my father's death, I get the news on TV that the Douro, its vineyards, its walls became Heritage of Humanity. How he would have loved to have been aware of it. I decided to give the name of Pedro Milanos to the first wine made by my son Vasco, grandson of Armindo Lopes.

In this small property, which has 3 h.s, we produce about 11.250 liters of wine, ie 15,000 bottles.
6.600 Pedro Milanos Red
3.200 Pedro Milanos Reserve / Great Reserve
3.200 Pedro Milanos Branco
2,000 Pedro Milanos Rosé

We seek to maintain a quality price ratio that guarantees us to sell annually everything we produce and maintain a future relationship with our customers. Visit us, our rural space is at your disposal and the Douro is worthwhile ... We organize walks, boat trips, lunches and dinners. Until one day.

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