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Teoria is a company that arose from the passion of a couple of winemakers for land, wine and the Douro.
The property, in the region of Sabrosa, is situated in the village of Celeirós do Douro, in the heart of the Douro Vinhateiro valley and contains vineyards of various varieties, which serve as the basis for the production of the highest quality wines.
Due to the excellent quality of the grapes and the characteristics of the terroir, as well as to the vast experience of the two winemakers in the wine sector, the company has won several awards both nationally and internationally, thus recognizing its dedication and work .
Producing and marketing a diversified portfolio of wines under the brand Teoria currently includes white, red, sparkling and late-harvest wines. However, we also produce and market high quality olive oil under the same brand.
The taste for land has gone further, and nowadays, on the farm there is also a cozy space that adds a Guest House, with four bedrooms, where you can enjoy, besides the wine tasting, the beautiful scenery and the tranquility that the region offers , as well as a historical surrounding that joins several manor houses of great architectural value.

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