Caminhos Cruzados Descarada Branco Doce 2017

Vinho de Mesa - Portugal

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Bottle - 750 ml.
Bottle - 750 ml.

What happens when, still in August, our Chardonnay and Semillon grapes are already at 18 degrees of probable alcohol? An idea is born…brazen! We took on the challenge, harvested and, when the must reached 11.5 degrees, we stopped the fermentation with cold and filtration, leaving this wine unabashedly fresh and sweet.

Descarada is a sweet wine made in a year in which there were very high temperatures during the maturation period, which is why the grapes reached a high concentration of sugar because it was harvested in late August, the acidity it presents is high, which contributes for the excellent balance between this and the sweetness it presents, giving rise to a wine that we can call "early harvest"

White wine
  • Chardonnay B
  • Semillón B
Vinho de Mesa - Portugal
  • Schist Granitic
Aromas of banana and white fruits with a pleasant floral component.
very fresh and sweet wine, with high acidity.
Excellent to accompany sweets and fruit.
REVIEW : “Partnership of Chardonnay and Semillon. Intense golden. Discreet aroma reminiscent of marmalade, some peach and tangerine. Dried pear, pharmacy and tea notes (…) It turns out to be quite fresh and pleasant.? Score 16pts, Revista Vinho-Grandes Escolhas
Médium Gold
6 - 8
Ready to consume

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