Titular Colheita Tinto 2019 Bag-in-Tube

Dão - DOC

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Double Magnum or Jeroboam - 3000 ml.
Double Magnum or Jeroboam - 3000 ml.
Bag-in-Tube 3L

The Bag in Tube is the latest novelty from Caminhos Cruzados! The wine is already known to everyone, Titular Colheita Red, the format is new!
More ecological and fully recyclable, each package corresponds to 4 bottles of wine, thus saving 4 glass bottles, 4 corks, 4 capsules and 4 labels.
In addition, once opened, the wine retains its characteristics for 4 weeks!

Red wine
  • Alfrocheiro N
  • Tinta Roriz N
  • Touriga Nacional N
Dão - DOC
  • Schist Granitic
Young wine, with a lively color, aromas of red fruit.
Balanced tannins.
Naturally stabilized, it is likely to create some deposit.
Medium ruby
16 - 18

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