Caminhos Cruzados Tinto Alfrocheiro 2016

Dão - DOC

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Bottle - 750 ml.
Bottle - 750 ml.

The wines from the Alfrocheiro variety planted in Dão, are distinguished by their aromatic freshness and enormous capacity for evolution in bottle.

Red wine
  • Alfrocheiro N
Dão - DOC
  • Schist Granitic
Part of this wine was aged in French oak barrels for about 18 months, while the rest was aged in stainless steel vats.
The Alfrocheiro variety planted in Dão gives rise to wines that are distinguished by the freshness and variety of their aromas.
Volume and tannic structure of great harmony and delicacy. It is a wine of great gastronomic aptitude that goes very well with a wide variety of dishes.
Baked cod, ham and sausages, lamb, oven-roasted kid, Portuguese stew, roast duck, steak with pepper sauce, stewed oxtail and baits.
Medium ruby
16 - 18
Ready to consume

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