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Pedro Lencart and Isabel Sarmento are the face of the Quinta dos Lagares project. The couple took over the management of this family farm in 2007 and have since then sought to preserve and enhance that natural and agricultural heritage.

Sensitive to sustainability issues, Pedro and Isabel seek to maintain a balance between the agricultural areas of vineyards and olive groves and the protection areas that remain on the farm, of spontaneous vegetation and forest.

This forest cover extends throughout the property, intersecting the agricultural areas and thus ensuring not only the refuge of auxiliary fauna for the protection of the vine and olive grove, but also a discontinuity of vegetation that enriches the landscape and contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity , while ensuring a more balanced management of water and soil.

In order to take advantage of and to promote this floristic diversity, the exploitation of honey, cork and olive oil is complemented by the vineyard, the latter produced from the olive grove in organic production.

The couple has also been investing in all the property, especially in the recovery of vineyards and in the renovation of the vinification facilities, part of which, the wineries, are installed on the ground floor of the house dating back to the end of the 18th century.

In 2013 the new wine cellar was inaugurated, while maintaining the traditional granite wineries that were modernized allowing better control of vinifications and greater flexibility of operation.

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