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Douro Gourmet was born from the desire of a young team to meet the challenge of offering authentic, quality cuisine, combining regional products with a touch of elegance.
It is the restaurant Cêpa Torta that the Douro Gourmet puts at the service of the clients a kitchen worked with base of products of origin, certified, highlighting the best one of the region: the oil of behind-the-hills, the Maronesan meat, the goat of Transmontano, the pork sausage, sausages, chestnut, corn, cheeses, jams, olives bread, bread four corners of Favaios and many others. He has managed, Cêpa Torta in Alijó, to combine tradition with modernity, serving the most genuine products with contemporary and modern presentations. With a simpler side to lunch, and with more elaborate menus for dinner, whenever possible use products of origin and certificates always guaranteeing the best flavors. Maronese meat is served with candied potatoes, the kid roasted in the oven as the tradition says, and there are still on the menu the bissara cheek with regional accompaniments. The most daring can not fail to try the innovative chouriça flute.


  • Pork cheek with mushroom soup
  • Veal loin with saw cheese
  • Cod with bread

Opening Hours

[12:00 - 14:30]
[12:00 - 14:30] [19:00 - 22:00]
[12:00 - 14:30] [19:00 - 22:00]
[12:00 - 14:30] [19:00 - 22:00]
[12:00 - 14:30] [19:00 - 22:00]
[12:00 - 14:30] [19:00 - 22:00]

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